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Many people could benefit from Dental Implants but they might not know enough about them to realize this.  We will try to explain some of the "finer points" about Dental Implants and hopefully this can help you , or a friend, understand about implants and where they can be used.

Dental Implants are made of titanium, a very lightweight and strong metal that the human body will not reject.

They are basically shaped like the roots of our teeth, that is why they are referred to as "Root-form" implants.

There are usually three parts to a Dental Implant...the BODY of the implant is the portion anchored in the bone (photo #1 below)  Attached to the BODY is the ABUTMENT.  This ABUTMENT sticks up from the implant body through the gum tissues (see photo #2 below), and into the mouth.  The final piece is usually a CROWN made to fit onto an ABUTMENT.   You then have a new tooth to chew on !  (see photo #3 below)

Dental Implants can be used seperately, one at a time, in instances where only one tooth has been lost and needs to be replaced.  They can also be used in multiples, or groups of implants.  This might be where several, or even all of a person's teeth are missing! 

Many/most times when a tooth must be removed a Dental Implant can be placed at the same appointment.  This is called an  "Immediate Placement" of the implant, and refers to the immediate replacement of the "root of the tooth" that was removed.  The chewing part of the tooth, the "crown", sometimes can be placed that same day as well.  In these cases, the patient is instructed to absolutely avoid chewing on the tooth as the implant/crown is not sturdy enough for that yet.

When a person is without all teeth in the uper or lower jaw, there are several ways the necessary complete denture can be secured to implants to make it much more stable, even to the point that the denture can not be removed by the patient!


This photo #1 is of an x-ray showing the implant in the bone where a tooth had been missing.  There is a silver domed healing abutment attached to the implant.  See next photo

This photo #2 shows the silver domed healing abutment sticking throught the gum tissues.  Then after several months healing time, the dome can be unsrewed from the implant, and a crown constructed for the implant.

This photo #3 shows the crown (middle upper tooth-Molar) constructed and cemented onto the implant/abutment.  Patient is now ready to chew and function with the implant crown just as a regular tooth!