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My daughter Abby asked me to come to Australia where she lives and celebrate her birthday April 27th...Look what she talked me into!!  Extremely Exciting and I recommend it !!!!

My face looks like a Blood Hound skydiving with all the wrinkles and folds...   

125 mph free-fall will do that to you !


Large, Irregularly Shaped Upper Front Teeth Improved with 6 Porcelain Veneers



Older Gentleman with Yellow Teeth, Spaces, and Missing Teeth...Didn't Like to Smile.

Now he does!!


"Six Month Smiles"...Adult Cosmetic Orthodontics at WORK!



Another "Six Month Smiles" Correction of Crooked Front Teeth!



Upper Front Teeth Crowned to Improve the Shape and Color of Her Teeth 

Her Smile is Much Improved too



Patient Hated Her Upper Front Teeth and Wouldn't Smile.  We did Kor Ultra Max Whitening on All Her Teeth, Reshaped the 2 Middle Teeth and did 2 Porcealin Veneers...               

She was very excited with the improvements and Smiles a lot now!



Porcelain Veneers used to close spaces

before close up

Brockman close-up




Crowns done on the upper front teeth to improve the color, shape, and length of her upper
front teeth which had severe wear on the edges



Crowns done to restore patient's Upper and Lower Front teeth due to severe wear



               Crowns done to improve the shape, color, and alignment of this                                     patient's Upper and Lower Teeth



                          Three crowns were done on this patient's upper front teeth to                                    improve their strength and appearance


Enamel Microabrasion used to reduce the White & Brown Areas on Front Teeth...                              NO Fillings Needed!



Large Spaces & Crooked Upper Front Teeth Corrected with Four Crowns