Simple Tricks for Overcoming Dental Anxiety Forever

Simple Tricks for Overcoming Dental Anxiety Forever

Dental fear or dental phobia is a common fear that people face when visiting the dentist. People often avoid going to the dentist due to this fear, and it creates long-term dental health issues. If you are someone with dental fear, here are a few tips and tricks from the best dentist in Louisville, KY, to ease them

Discuss Your Fears With The Best Dentist in Louisville, KY

It’s normal to feel nervous before visiting a dentist. However, if you let your fear overpower you, you may experience issues with your oral health. Talk to your dentist about your anxiety. They may have suggestions for how to ease your nervousness and discomfort during your visits. Here are some other ways to calm yourself down before a dental appointment:

  • Find an office that is welcoming and friendly. A friendly office staff can make you feel comfortable right away.
  • Schedule your appointment during a time when you feel calm and relaxed. For example, you may want to plan your visit when you’re likely to have less stress coming to work or when you might have fewer obligations on the weekends.
  • Tell your dentist you are anxious. They may be able to change how they address your concerns and offer solutions to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.
  • Ask what steps the office will take to ensure your comfort before the appointment. For example, the dentist might offer a blanket or neck pillow to help you feel comfortable while you’re sitting back during treatment.
  • Find out if the dentist offers sedation services to help calm you down. This might include nitrous oxide gas or other medications.

Agree On A Signal

Dentists cannot read minds, but they can observe body language and non-verbal cues to sense a patient’s discomfort or worry. If you are feeling nervous during a procedure, let your Best dentist in Louisville, KY know! Your dentist will appreciate your honesty and concern. By agreeing on a sign, you will be able to inform the dentist that you need a break or that you are feeling pain or discomfort. Your dentist can then take the necessary steps to reassure you that you are not in any danger and that everything is fine. This understanding can improve your overall experience at the dental office! It is important to discuss your concerns before the procedure begins so there aren’t any surprises during the treatment.

Take A Friend Or Family Member With You For Emotional Support

Bringing someone else along can keep you calm and distracted from feeling anxious during the procedure. They can even hold your hand or pat your shoulder to keep you calm. It’s also helpful to have someone with you when you talk to your Dentist in Louisville, KY, about your anxiety. They can help you come up with coping strategies to ease your stress and feel more relaxed.

Bring Distractions To Occupy Your Mind During Procedures

As much as possible, bring a distraction to keep your mind occupied during the procedure. You can bring a music player or headphones to listen to music or podcasts. You can also bring your book to read. 

Some dentists also provide TVs or iPads so you can watch movies or shows while undergoing dental procedures. Talk to your Dentist in Louisville, KY, about the available entertainment options at the clinic. If a patient is a child, he or she may want to bring toys to keep them preoccupied while waiting for their turn.

Consider Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a unique field of dentistry where dentists help patients overcome their fear and anxiety regarding dental procedures. At our dental office, the Dentist in Louisville, KY, offers oral conscious sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation to help our patients feel comfortable and at ease. 

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